the Pregnancy Program

Staying fit and active during pregnancy, and after – we think it’s essential to keep yourself strong. Mentally and physically. It’s a period in your life where everything feels ‘unknown’ and that’s when our experts, Agnes and Tori step in. To make you feel comfortable and safe; they are leading The Pregnancy Program.

what’s the program all about?

The Pregnancy Program includes classes for before and after pregnancy. Each class only has 8 spots available so that we can give you the attention you deserve. Learning about each stage of pregnancy can make you feel strong and in control. After giving birth, things may seem confusing. What can you do? What’s safe? Tori and Agnes will show you the way.

We offer more than just a Pregnancy Program; prepare to connect with fellow moms, share experiences, bond during workshops, receive a 1-1 coaching session, and join the Q&A sessions where Agnes and Tori answer all your questions. Ready to join us? Fill in the form below!

Agnes Ricatto

Head of The Pregnancy Program
Expert Pre-and Post-Pregnancy Training

Agnes is an expert in pre- and post-pregnancy training. Agnes helps her clients become their best selves through Personal Training, Nutrition Advice, and Mental Coaching. She works with their natural body rhythms, like their menstrual cycle, instead of fighting against them. But Agnes didn’t just learn from books. Since September 2023, her own baby has made life so much more fun and helped her understand her clients even better. Interested in training with Agnes? 

Tori Nations

Expert Pre-and Post-Pregnancy Training
Pre-Postnatal Coach

Tori is a strong advocate for fitness and well-being for women. During her time in the States, she focused her studies on Women’s Health, particularly delving into pre and postnatal education with a specialized focus on lactation consulting. Tori believes knowledge is power, especially when it comes to the femaly body. By assisting classes and supporting The Pregnancy Program, she is committed to supporting women on their journey towards a balanced and healthy life, both during pregnancy and beyond.

Staying strong mentally and physically during pregnancy and afterward is very important to us. This is a time when everything may feel uncertain, but our experts, Agnes and Tori, are here to help. They lead The Pregnancy Program to make you feel comfortable and safe.

want to join The Pregnancy Program?

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