Do you have any questions about our gym or your membership? Please refer to the following frequently asked questions for answers or feel free to contact us!


There are three types of gym memberships: quarterly, semi-annual, or annual memberships. Refer to the ‘pricelist’ tab above to view all current prices.

Every period – lasting 4 weeks – the chosen amount is automatically debited.

You can choose: quarterly, semi-annual, or annual membership. It is not possible to terminate the membership during the chosen period (see exception in point 4). Four weeks before the chosen period expires, you can terminate the membership. Once the period has expired, the membership is cancellable.

Cancellation can be emailed to

If you are away for an extended period (at least two weeks), you have the option to freeze the membership. Provide the start and end date, and it can be activated. In case of illness or injury, it is paused.

After the chosen membership period, it can be modified. From that point, it is cancellable monthly.

Yes, it is possible. You can buy a day pass (20 euros) or purchase a punch card for Small Group Classes (150 euros for 10 sessions).

The benefits of a gym membership include:


  • Unlimited access to the gym and all facilities;
  • Access to all Small Group Classes (except specials);
  • 10% discount on food, drinks, events & merchandise;
  • Towel service.

No, only indoor shoes are allowed.

Personal Training Membership

Various PT memberships are available: choose from 1, 2, or 3 sessions per week. Depending on the choice, the PT membership price is discussed. See ‘pricelist’ in the tab above to view all PT prices.

Yes, this is possible. The PT membership can be terminated three months after signing the contract.

Every period – lasting 4 weeks – the chosen amount is automatically debited.

You have the option to not take a PT membership, for example, if you travel frequently for work. You can purchase a PT punch card, which is valid for 10 sessions and remains valid for 4 months.

Small Group Classes

If you want to attend a class, you can make a reservation via the app (as a member) or send us an email:, call the club, or send a message via WhatsApp. Due to limited spots, a reservation is always necessary. A drop-in class costs 15 euros. If you have a gym membership, you can participate in all classes through the gym membership.

There is space for a maximum of 7-8 women to provide each woman with personal attention.

If you unexpectedly cannot attend the class, please cancel 4 hours in advance. If that happens too late, a session will be deducted from your punch card.

You can find it here or in the app (for members). The group classes are announced daily on Instagram stories.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us a message.