Join our small group classes for more than just a fitness experience

Small Group Classes

The classes are called ‘small group’ for a reason. We believe in personalization – and that you deserve guidance, even in a class. That’s why the classes only allow a maximum of 8 women, and we offer a variety of classes: Pilates, Yoga, Strength, and more. Want to join one of the classes? A drop-in class is always possible, email us here or send us a message via Instagram.

Booty & Abs - Moya

60 minute Booty & Abs Class
Tuesday 7-8 PM

Sculpt and define with Booty & Abs - a class designed to concentrate on the glutes, lower back, and abdominals. We integrate dumbbells and booty bands to maximize the impact of your workout.

Core Pilates - Linda

60 minute Core Pilates Class
Monday 7-8 PM

Core Pilates is a class where you focus on the core: that includes the abdominals, back, lower back and pelvic area. In this class you use a small weight (1 KG) to not only strengthen but also sculpt and tone your muscles.

Classical Mat Pilates - Anna

60 minute Classical Mat Pilates
Friday 12.30-1.30 PM

Classical Mat Pilates is a class designed to strengthen and sculpt your muscles, giving special attention to the importance of stretching and maintaining a good posture. Perfect for a strong, healthy back.

Full Body Circuit - Lois

60 minute Circuit Class
Friday 9-10 AM

Full Body Circuit is a class that targets every muscle group in your body. Enjoy a variety of exercises using essential equipment like dumbbells, bands, and balls for an effective and impactful workout.

Lower Body & Abs - Alina

60 minute Lower Body and Abs
Tuesday 9-10 AM

Experience our Lower Body and Abs Class a workout designed to keep your lower body strong and strengthen the abs. Using weights and booty bands to focus on the legs and glutes.

HIIT Pilates - Lois

60 minute HIIT Pilates
Monday 9-10 AM

Targeting all muscle groups by using your own body weight, ankle weights and small weights. The workout is a combination of Pilates, HIIT (endurance) and Strength exercises to maintain the lean and toned look.

Morning Flow Yoga

60 minute Vinyasa + Stretching Class
Sunday 10-11 AM

Morning Flow Yoga is a dynamic combination of Vinyasa's pose cycles and stretches. In this class you seamlessly weave breath and motion, creating a refreshing start to your day.

Power Pilates - Moniek

60 minute Power Pilates Class
Wednesday 9-10 AM

Power Pilates is a dynamic class to strengthen your core and legs, using equipment like balls and blocks. Experience an energy-boosting class that revitalizes both body and mind.

Strength - Alina

60 minute Strength Class
Thursday 9-10 AM
Saturday 9.30-10.30 AM

Strength is a class that’s focused on building muscle mass and getting stronger. Boost your workout with heavier dumbbells and a lower repetition range to maximize your strength-building potential.

Yin Yoga - Moniek

60 minute Yin Class
Thursday 8-9 PM

Yin Yoga is a class where you embrace extended stretch poses, each lasting 3-5 minutes, to achieve deep stretching and muscle tension relief. Find your zen state of mind as you practice mindful breathing.

Yang / Yin Yoga - Maria

60 minute Yoga Class
Wednesday 8 -9 PM

Yang / Yin Yoga is a class where strength and relaxation meet. The first part of class (30 min) you focus on getting stronger, while the second part of class (30 min) you practice relaxation and meditation.