Indi van Casteren

Indi, a certified Female Personal Trainer for more than 9 years, and with a degree in Media & Communication, has been commited to improving the well-being of women. Her focus goes beyond physical exercise, as she also provides mental guidance.

According to Indi, there’s nothing as valuable and rewarding as helping women feel good about themselves, understanding how to embrace a lifestyle, and especially how to sustain it. 

Moya Palk

Moya is a certified personal trainer with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. For her, exercise isn’t merely a means of staying fit; it’s a transformative journey that has reshaped her self-perception. Now she helps women embrace their confidence by discovering their strength both physically and mentally.

Moya specializes in resistance and strength training in order to sculpt the body. Her philosophy centers on training in harmony with the body, promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Lois Schalkwijk

Lois is a Movement Scientist and Certified Personal Trainer, who brings a down-to-earth approach to her work. With over ten years of modeling experience, she is dedicated to helping clients feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies.

Lois her main focus is on training for a lean and toned physique, using small resistance or bodyweight exercises

Sarah de Mol

With over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, Sarah finds immense joy in her work. Also, she has never felt so strong and fit as she does in her 50’s.

Sarah believes that exercise should be both challenging and enjoyable, and she takes pride in guiding her clients towards their fitness goals.

Moniek van Sas

Moniek is a certified MILO personal trainer, yoga teacher, and coach. Her goal? To empower women by combining the power of strength training and yoga. In a world that’s always evolving, Moniek firmly believes that cultivating both physical and mental resilience is absolutely essential.

Moniek’s focus lies on building strong muscles, enhancing mobility, finding inner balance, and fostering a resilient mindset.